How to purchase Open-AudIT Professional

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Getting Open-AudIT Professional has never been easier.

The Discovery and Audit software used across 95% of the globe can be yours with a few easy steps.

This guide assumes that you have Open-AudIT installed and running if you aren’t at that stage yet, these links will help you:

Once you have Open-AudIT installed, you can navigate to the ‘Upgrade Licenses’ menu item and click on ‘Buy More Licenses’.

Buy More Licenses - 700

This will bring up the feature and price list for Open-AudIT. Click on the node count that suits your needs.

Currently, only Professional license can be purchased online, if you wish to purchase an Enterprise license, you can request a quote from our team.

Open-AudIT Pricing Modal - 700
The next screen will confirm your selection and you can proceed to the checkout.
Open-AudIT Cart Summary - 700
Fill in all the details that you would like associated with the account, the email address will be used to create an account that is required to access the licenses/support.
Open-AudIT Checkout - 700
Once the payment has been processed our team will email you a confirmation and a license key for the software. To add this navigate back to the ‘Upgrade Licenses’ menu item, this time clicking ‘Restore My Licenses’.

N.B. The license will be automatically added to your account if you have an Opmantek User account – register here!

Restore Licenses - 700
Click on the ‘Enter License Key’ button and that will show a text box for you to paste the license key into and add it to your profile.
Enter License - 600
After that, you will have full access to Open-AudIT Professional.

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