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What is Authentication?

Network authentication is the layer(s) of protection you have in place to ensure only authorized users access your assets. Every organization will have some form of authentication method, some more sophisticated than others. Your network management platform should be able to utilize whichever method you have in place.

Opmantek Authentication Methods

Your network infrastructure will always be unique to you. That’s why a flexible design solution is imperative when designing your management and monitoring.

Deliver a customized solution, shaped to your customer’s needs. With Opmantek, you can easily set up a dedicated single tenant server or a multi-tenant solution – all displayed on a single dashboard for your team to monitor.

MSP Single Server - 200

Opmantek can use the configured Microsoft Active Directory (ms-ldap or ms-ldaps) server to perform authentication.

Multi-server Architecture - 200

Opmantek can authenticate through htpassword, TACAS+, RADIUS or token based.

MSP - Scalable

Opmantek can use a configured ldap or ldaps server to perform authentication.

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