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What is Bandwidth Management?

Bandwidth Management is the activity of quantifying and monitoring the amount of traffic that is travelling across a network link.

The most crucial step to successful bandwidth management is to ensure that you have the right data available to you to allow for intelligent decision making.

Latency Data

Network Latency Data

Know whether your latency sensitive applications are being affected by network performance. Drill down and determine the source of latency. Perfect capability for live helpdesk support of latency sensitive applications.

Performance Data

Performance Data Collection

Performance data collection is a key feature of most network performance management systems. Common performance metrics include bandwidth, network latency, buffer use, and much more. Collect and store as much performance data you need for your analytics needs using opTrend and opReports.

Business Service Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Produce real-time monitoring of how much bandwidth each of the applications is using. Provide the ability and flexibility for your staff to select which part of the infrastructure from which to “SPAN” or “TAP” flow data.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Utilization Data

Bandwidth utilization data tells network administrators how much data is being sent through  the network in a given period of time. Threshold manage to get early warnings about traffic changes to aid your helpdesk, capacity planning needs and network architecture decisions.

Link Mapping

Live Link Mapping

Easily and quickly visualize your bandwidth utilization with live link information in your map. Use opCharts to build out topological maps that have live links between nodes and display the current inbound and outbound link speeds as a percentage of the available interface speed.

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