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Move away from maintaining multiple management systems and scaling problems with our consolidated solution, increase your customer satisfaction, all while reducing your ownership costs.
MSP Multi-Tenancy - 600

Multi-Tenant Management Enables MSPs to:

  • Quickly onboard new customers and start getting paid
  • Centralize and control the management software
  • Automate tasks across the platform
  • Deliver solutions on-premises, via AWS or private cloud
  • Manage customers, networks and team members all in one place
  • Gain network visibility and intelligence for clients
  • Offer a white label product
  • Create dashboards for each customer and user
    • Automation
    • Reporting and charting
    • Netflow analyzer and collector
    • Cisco IPSLA

Real Solutions for Customers

Opmantek MSP Ready is a next-generation intelligent performance and audit platform driven by our belief that managing infrastructure should be simple.

As an Opmantek MSP Ready subscriber, you’re equipped to meet the demands of of your clients.

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What is Multi-Tenancy?

Multi-Tenancy is the ability to use the same software for multiple customers (tenants). It is ideal for a Managed Service Provider, who needs a single view of multiple customers.

Multi-server Architecture - 200

Visibility Across Any Address Space

Opmantek can monitor any address space your tenants have, even if they overlap.

MSP - Scalable

Customer Dashboarding

Opmantek has the ability to provide a dashboard for your customers that shows information you want that person to view.

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