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External Integrations


The Integrations endpoint allows you to define an integration which you can then use to import and export Open-AudIT data to an external system. At present the single supported Integration type is “nmis”.

This is as it was prior to 4.2.0. With 4.2.0 an onward we have rewritten the code from the ground up to work in an external system agnostic way. With the 4.2.0 release we ship with a default Integration already created for NMIS. Going forward other external systems will be supported. All that is required is a new file to implement the required functions that an integration needs. There are no external dependencies or prerequisites.

For the purpose or brevity, you can substitute any external system where I refer to NMIS below (when implemented).

It “Just Works” with NMIS

Our goal with the release of the initial integration was specifically for NMIS to Open-AudIT integration to “just work”. If you are using the programs on Linux, you can literally click a single button to execute the integration. Nothing more is required. Having said that, the integration itself is extremely configurable – so if something isn’t to your preference, it can easily be changed.

If you are using Open-AudIT on Windows or if your NMIS server isn’t on your Open-AudIT Server (in the case of some Linux installs), you will need to supply access credentials and a URL to the remote NMIS – but that’s all! Yes – Integrations between NMIS and Open-AudIT even work with Windows-based Open-AudIT now!

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