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Network Configuration and Change Management using Baselines

Open-AudIT Enterprise includes Baselines, a light-weight compliance system that compares software, users, and netstat data against your required standard.

Get the complete Open-AudIT Enterprise experience. Track your devices and see if they deviate from your required standard.

Baselines enable you to combine audit data with a set of attributes you have previously defined (your baseline) to determine compliance of devices.

For example – you might create a baseline from a device running Centos 6 which acts as one of your Apache servers in a cluster. You know this particular server is configured just the way you want it but you’re unsure if other servers in the cluster are configured exactly the same. Baselines enable you to determine this.

You can create a baseline, run it against a group of devices and view the results. You can implement your baselines to be executed on a schedule. All results are kept and can be viewed and exported.

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