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Racks Management and Visualisation Tool

A rack is a collection of devices which are assigned a position and height within the rack. A device can optionally have a picture associated with it, from the supplied set or custom to your environment.

We have created a very granular system for positioning of racks, which is as follows. At the top level (as always) is the Organisation (Org). An Org can have multiple locations (as has always been the case). With the addition of the Racks feature, a location can now contain one or more Buildings. A building has one or more Floors. A floor has one or more Rooms. A room has one or more Rows.

Create a new Location and the sub-components will be automatically created for you. If you need more items (buildings, rooms, etc.), you can add them as you need. A rack can also be part of a “pod” of racks. The pod attribute works as a tag, rather than a strict hierarchical inheritance model as per buildings, floors, etc.

Racks are a feature available to Open-AudIT Enterprise licensed customers.

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