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Opmantek offers a hybrid array of services for your operational environment. No matter the problem you are trying to solve, we have an answer for you. See below for some of our solutions that are available.

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High-Power Out-of-the Box Features for Efficient Network Management

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Easily Gain Full Over Your Entire Network

Consolidate all your current network management software into a single platform. Perfect for MSPs, ISPs, IT departments or anyone serious about network management.

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Straightforward Pricing and Scaling

We charge by device, not interface so you can reduce costs and improve ROI. Easily gain network performance analysis, fault management and automated responses.

MSP - Power of Automation
Automated Event Remediation

Events will automatically close if the cause has been resolved, action policies can be created to resolve known events automatically.


Open-AudIT Cloud

Open-AudIT Cloud will tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. Open-AudIT Cloud can give you a device’s location information, including the rack position, in seconds.


Opmantek VM

Get up and running in minutes with our VM. All our apps (including NMIS and Open-AudIT) are ready to evaluate or deploy in this turnkey package that is installed in minutes.

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