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Interactive Dashboards
and Charts

NMIS - Faults and Events

Geographical Mapping

Live geographical maps based on the Google Maps API.

Using the location table for a node will allow for maps to accurately represent the locations of your nodes.

Add interface links to your nodes to display the inbound and outbound link speeds.

Save your zoom parameters to ensure the maps is the same each time.

Maps will cluster nodes in a similar location on the map, this can be expanded with one click.

Node groups can be added and will show an average health metric of all nodes in the group.

Dynamic Mapping

Filter your nodes/interfaces by your preferences to build geographical or network maps.

Your filtered dashboards will populate based on the conditions you initially outlined.

Dynamic maps can generate a geographical or topological map based on your filters.

Use dynamic mapping to ensure the accuracy of your nodes/interfaces relating to a customer/group.

When a map is redrawn, it will use the information that is accurate at that time.

NMIS - Faults and Events

Custom Grouping

Use grouped nodes/interfaces to create dashboards that only show relevant information.

Group your nodes by customers to display nodes/interfaces that only apply to that customer.

opCharts can build dashboards based on location groups to monitor a location’s status.

Use groupings to split your network into roles, group all your access nodes, distribution nodes and core nodes.

Create dashboards that only display nodes that are currently down or degraded.

Group your nodes/interfaces by customer, group, location, role, status, type, vendor or custom attributes.

Pre-Configured Dashboards

The nodes view will display all the nodes that are currently monitored, filter this list further to get the information you need.

The interfaces view provides an easy-to-search list of all interfaces in your environment.

The monitored services view lists shows the status of all your monitored services.

The Top N View shows you critical information regarding devices that have high utilization, memory, CPU load and discard or error rates.

Any chart that is available natively in NMIS is available in opCharts.

Network & Topological Maps

All elements can be interacted with based on their individual settings.

Click through from this map to a single node or a group’s health metrics.

Use topological maps to quickly build out your network topology, adding subnets with one click.

Use network maps to overlay live information on a static background of your floorplan, building plan or even a picture of a device.

Add interface links to your nodes to display the inbound and outbound link speeds.

NMIS - Management Reporting

Customer Portals

Self-service dashboards will reduce client interruptions while providing control and transparency.

Use opCharts as an upsell or a service differentiator.

Roles/User accounts can be created by clients; this can be scripted + only access provided to visible elements

Initial fault responses are automated.

Custom Dashboards, Maps, Charts and Business Services are assigned to Roles.


Business Management

NMIS - Notification Management

Single Pane of Glass

Incorporate node data from NMIS.

opCharts also allows multiple vendors, technologies or operating systems.

See the current state or full history of all systems in one location.

Flexible enough to incorporate new technologies

NMIS - Powerful Engine

Business Services

Group all related nodes/interfaces together to have one single location to monitor services.

opCharts uses an MSP authorization system, a user/role can be created to view particular business services.

All nodes/interfaces added to a business services will be visible to users with access to that business service.

Monitor availability/reachability for all nodes/interfaces in a business service to ensure SLA levels.

NMIS - Escalation Management

Flexible Licensing

Create escalation policies based on device groups that provides high granularity.

opCharts is licensed by the node count.

There are no limits on the number of users that are added or dashboards that can be created.

Subscription Licensing available.

Highly scalable architecture.

NMIS - Scalability

Pricing and Purchasing

MSP Scale licensing available.

Predictable license costs.

90-Day satisfaction guarantee.

Unlimited software use of the product.

NMIS - Supported Devices

Sales and Support

Easy to purchase, contact us.

Support portal access.

Complete documentation and support wiki.

Pay as you grow options are available.

Free Updates

NMIS - Distributed Monitoring

User Management

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) over devices.

Custom business hours rules.


Easy to Use

NMIS - Cloud Icon

Easy Implementation

Easy installation and maintenance of your servers.

Support available for install and customization.

Design & implementation services are available.

NMIS - Cloud Icon


Extensive Role-Based Access control mechanisms.

Accessible from any device.

Single Sign On across all our applications.

NMIS - Cloud Icon

Easy To Use Interface

Easily modify single or groups of nodes.

Preconfigured charts will show you data in a click.

Accessible from any common browser.

NMIS - Host Icon

NMIS is hands down one of the best data collection monitoring suites we have ever used. The data and enriched alerting it provides is exactly what we were looking for to make data-driven network decisions for upgrade and growth. It has set us on the path from reactive to proactive!

Jordan Long
Director of Network Operations

We take new ideas to Opmantek about how we'd like to see their products work and they add our ideas to the product roadmap. The relationship could not be any easier. I consider them an extension of my team.

Dayle WIlson
Chief Product & Operating Officer

We appreciate that we can get in touch with the Opmantek engineers easily. We also like the ability to develop new device models to meet our requirements.

Mike Langen
Systems Engineer Network Manager

After a long and in-depth search for a network monitoring solution, we found Opmantek the best fit for all our needs.

With their excellent support, onsite training, and almost unlimited ability to be customized to fit our needs, it was no contest.

Kurtis Bredda
Director of Network Services

With Open-AudIT we can easily manage our PC/Laptop assets in the office at an affordable price.

Lewis Huang
IT Director

We’ve been using Open-AudIT for over a year now and I can say that it’s everything we need and certainly fits our company requirements.

Their team has been very responsive and always ready to assist if we have any queries or questions about the software or our account in general

Edward Nabong
Technical Support Analyst

After years of having multiple monitoring systems, we finally have a single one that works and is configurable to meet our needs.

Paul Pyyvaara
Director Operations

Our engineers prefer using opCharts as the speed and responsiveness of the GUI makes it a far more usable product then our previous app.

Art Smolecki

NMIS and the Opmantek portfolio is, by far, much better than Solarwinds in every aspect, whether scalability, management, monitoring or automation.
It’s simply great and there is no limit on what you can do with the backend code to automate anything that comes to mind.

Abood Alakhras
Network Engineer and Security Specialist

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