Talk us through your network. We’ll talk you through pricing.

Pricing complexity is a common feature in the network management industry. It stems from the intricacy of the solutions, the technical language and different pricing formats. We believe that complex pricing makes your decision when evaluating products harder.

Therefore, we have reduced these barriers and removed complexity with the way that we price. However, every network is different and we tailor pricing to suit your needs.

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Predictable and transparent pricing

There are no restrictions to the number of times the software can be deployed in an organization. Our software is built on an open-source base so there are no hidden hardware, software, operating system or database costs.

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Pricing that scales with you

Opmantek allows for a pay as you grow payment option, where you pay us on a monthly basis, for the number of devices you manage, so that you are only paying for what you are using. There is no added stress about adding/removing devices.

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Support is always included

Global 24/7 support offered with support included for all subscription customers. Support uplifts available to higher levels of support. You won’t speak to level 1 staff, instead you speak with proper Network Engineers who will actually help.

A 15-minute call is all it takes.

Let Opmantek’s team help you get a quote that meets your requirements.
This is not a sales call—it’s an opportunity for you to tell us about your organisation’s network management needs.
You can get ready for a call by filling out our simple pricing form. If you’re not quite ready to chat, you can learn more about our pricing through the frequently asked questions below.

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Pricing FAQs

Do I need to provide the operating system or any databases?

No. Our products are built for Linux and use MongoDB. Some competitors’ products use Microsoft Operating Systems and Databases for which you’ll need a licence.

Do I need a licence for every server I use?

No. Our products can be installed on as many servers as you like at no additional cost.

Do I have to pay for the users I have on the platform?

No. You can have as many users as you need.

How much data can I store?

You can store as much as you like on your storage. There is no limit.

How do I know how much it will cost?

You pay for the devices (nodes) that you have under management.

Do I have to purchase all the software?

No. Select the software that you need and the number of devices (nodes).

What will my invoice look like at a line level?

Product Name | Unit Price | Number of Units | Total

Will the price ever vary?

Not unless you request additional products or change the device counts.

Is support included in the subscription pricing?

Yes. All commercial products come with standard support.

Is support included in the subscription pricing?

Yes. All commercial products come with standard support.

Is pricing available for Network Monitoring Solutions on the website?

No it isn’t. We don’t expect for you to know our products inside and out, if you did ask us about a job! We want to make sure you get the right products for your solution and as you know one size does not fit all. So, you can talk to us and request a demonstration where we will build a quote specifically to meet your needs, that you can use for your budgetary review. It is more precise and will save you time. Plus we can quickly answer any questions you have about the products. You get all this in 30 minutes.

Why do you publish Open-AudIT pricing?

It’s a non-complicated product with simple pricing, so we publish a starting price for a small node count. We have discount pricing for volume for all our products and we scale immensely.