Opmantek Support

We believe we provide the best support in the Industry. We treat customer’s issues like they are our own.

Opmantek support engineers are highly skilled in NMIS, Open-AudIT and all commercial Opmantek products and come with experience from working in Telcos, MSP and Software Development. They undergo constant training ensuring that their knowledge remains up to date. Our support engineers are involved with customer implementation and rollout. Our support and development teams work closely together and are also actively involved in the open source community.

When you contact Opmantek support the contact goes direct to an engineer who can help with the issue – Opmantek does not filter the contacts through green level support or administrative personnel. This benefits you. You will reach an engineer who can help you, quickly, in one step.

Opmantek utilises Atlassian software to track support cases and ensure automated escalation to ensure the best support possible.

Support Information

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SaaS Support

This document outlines the inclusions into the SaaS support agreement.

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Subscription Support

This document outlines the inclusions into the Subscription support agreement.

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Perpetual Support

This document outlines the inclusions into the perpetual support agreement.

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Consulting Services

Opmantek offers consultation services that include advice on integration with other network management products, operations workshops, current state assessments or future state assessments.

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Implementation Services

Opmantek offers consultation services that include assistance and advice with migration from your existing platform to ours, basic verification of your Opmantek installation or installation, configuration and setup services.

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Development Services

Opmantek offers development services that include development to customize Open-Source products, customization of Open-Source products to collect new types of information or development, customization (eg device modelling) and integration of Opmantek products with other systems.

Issue Resolution Process

The following steps detail the issue resolution procedure utilised in Opmantek support services.

The Opmantek support team commences the resolution process once the issue has been received:

  1. If the issue is resolved, the engineer logs the resolution taken and the case is resolved.
  2. If the engineer is unable to resolve the issue, the issue is escalated and the customer is informed.

During this process, we communicate with you to keep you informed of what is happening.

Case Resolution

A reported issue is not considered resolved until an engineer has fully diagnosed the issue, recommended a solution, and the customer has successfully implemented the solution. Opmantek will not resolve an issue until the customer confirms that the issue is resolved and that the call should be resolved by the customer.

For software issues, the engineer may advise a software patch or upgrade to correct the issue. If the issue is unrelated to Opmantek products, Opmantek will do our best to assist the customer in working with the appropriate organisations to resolve the issue.

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